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Repeater Changes

Repeater Changes

On December 25th, 2021 the RECIEVE frequency for the 147.000 repeater pair will be changed from 146.400 to 147.600. In addition, the repeater output PL (the PL that the 147.000 transmitter transmits) will change from 88.5 to 136.5. The input PL will remain the same (136.5)

We are making these changes for the following reasons

  1. Most modern amateur transceivers default to a positive (+600khz) offset on frequencies of 147 and above. This will allow new hams or current hams who get a new rig to get on the repeater without much effort.
  2. This change will eliminate the QRM that we occasionally experience on 146.400
  3. Using the same input and output tone will allow travelers to do a “tone scan” on their radio to find the correct PL and talk on the repeater and allow for local hams to use tone squelch if their transceiver doesn’t support split tones.

Pro TIP: While you are in the process of reprogramming your radio(s), how about programming the repeaters by location rather than repeater pair. See Below

Southwest Tyler Tower

Receive: 147.000 (136.5pl)
Transmit: 146.360 (136.5pl)

Split -640khz

East Tyler Tower

Recieve: 146.960 (136.5pl)
Transmit: 147.600 (136.5pl)

Split +640khz

Recieve: 444.400 (136.5pl)
Transmit: 449.400 (136.5pl)

Split +5mhz