Area Nets


East Texas Regional NVIS: Sunday evening, 7:00 PM, 3.813 MHz (+/- as needed)

TARC Two Meter: Monday night, 8:00 PM, K5TYR 146.960 Repeater

Tyler Area VHF Net: Tuesday night, 8:00 PM, 50.210 MHz

Smith County Ten Meter: Sunday night, 8:00 PM, 28.360 MHz (+/- 5 kHz as needed.)

ETECS Two Meter: last Monday of the month, 7:00 PM, W5ETX Repeater System

Two Meter Texas D-Star: Tuesday night, 8:00 PM, 147.120 Repeater and Reflector 4B. This is a Statewide Net.

Tech Net: Every Thursday except the third Thursday (Club meeting night), 8:00 PM, 146.960 or 147.000 Repeater.